Sunday, March 9, 2014

Surabaya Day 1

I went to a lil exploring to INDONESIA!! hehehehe.. Departing from KL Sentral to catch our flight @ 9.30pm. We took ERL to get to LCCT. Sigh.. tired face as rush here after finish work...

@ KL sentral waiting for the ERL

We arrive at the Surabaya airport almost midnight. Luckily, our colleague from the travel agency waited for us upon arrival (patiently i may say- were the last one out!- TQVM Kak Aan) Oh yeah.. Our travel agency is  Catalouge Kembara! They were AWESOMME!!! Muah3!

Straight after they pick us up, we begin 4 hours journey to get to Bromo- We plan to catch the sunrise there... I slept all d way in the van.. Kroh3!!!

About 4am, we need to get into the jeep as the road were full of sharp corner and need to hike up to get to the mountain.. not really up to top but climb up still the road was ... challenging if i may say...

thats the jeep!

then we reach the middle peak of Bromo mountain.. its not the tip of the peak but it is a good place to watch sunrise... sorry the sun didnt come out nicely.. tooo cloudy to c... sigh.... 
Tis preeeeety!!!!

By this time sun came out  a bit..

that's our tour guide with grey cap.. Mas Hadi! hes awesome too =)

After the Hike, we went to the crater of mount Bromo, to see the volcanoo!!!!! huhuhu... after hiking the longest highest staircase ever!!! (its like hiking the Batu Caves~~~) I ARRIVE! 

Since it was about 1.5km walk at first, i dont bother walking.. i mean who wants to walk if u can ride a horse???

I forgot the horse name but hes like 2 years old. =) cute right!!

This is half the view!

i got tired.. so i rested every quarter of the staircases!

i arrive!!  can u see the sulfur smoke coming out from the volcano? it stink!! but hey! im at d top!!

after we climb down the staircases, we went back to the jeep. also on our horses!
Picture with Catalouge Kembara banner

seee.. here everyone use jeep!!

then after all that... were tired but still took some snaps here and there...
This one in the savanna... pls hold on i think i had more pic...

yup thats MY mister!!

ill be sure to edit this latter but im too tired to do that now so this will do.. hehehehehe.... c ya in my next post!

ps: ill repost ppl!!

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