Monday, January 9, 2012

only having fun

I play paint ball, watch movies, go shopping... I only know hw to hv fun...o
i just have fun all d time
i didnt think
i just hv fun

he said.

Im stressed... Im hz.. My head felt like it want to blow up my energy being sucked
i had a tough time here
fighting for a job i dk i will get
but he didnt know rhat right...

I miss him bad. I want his support.
But eventually i didnt get it.
I want to travel far
but im scared.
I cant go anywhere but to be here
cuz nobody understand how it felt
to be alone when ppl said theyre with u
but theyre not n u r alas by urself.

U want support but no one gives u
but they claimed they gave n this put u in despair.

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