Saturday, November 26, 2011

my 22nd birthday wishlist!

hey peeps, its d time of d year again(where im am currently smiling non stop). N unlike certain ppl who like to keep their birthday unknown or other certain ppl who like to pretend like they forgot about their bday when its most anticipated by them(they just want attention), im NOT like that!
I know when is my birthday n i cant hardly wait.

so dearest friends, just in case you're clueless on what to get me on my birthday, heres my wishlist(it'll make u n me both very hepi!!)

1. A brand new handphone!(since mine got battery problem and it can only last for 3 hours now.. sad) Ill say, a bb perhaps?? i want RED!!hehehe....

2. i would like to go for a vacation! a ticket to island hoping or Pulau Tiga is much appreciated!

3.i need a new screen for my beloved but old aspire 2920..(the screen broke down when i was in my third year in university)

4. I wanna go singapore! (i always wanted to go to sentosa Island, universal studio, eating chili crab, n bungee jump from that nation tallest tower!)

5. my untouched 2011 list, silver starry anklets!

6. New glasses n sunglasses for fun!

ah yes, you may check my 2011 wish list as well!

love xoxo,