Monday, June 13, 2011

Xperia Xtab

it seem that anywhwere i go theres always sumthing that grab my attention.with Ipad, n Blackpad, n galaxy tab.. everyone seems to go for tabs lately... maybe its the tab century dat we live in now..

enough with dat crap.. iam looking at Xperia xtab the other day on the net.. my friend keep buzzing about it since 3 weeks ago but ended up buying galaxy tab since its not in the market at the time yet..(my friend is a type that hardly wait)so IDK why suddenly i have the urge to surf abut this lil monster.

it has relatively same features as any other android tablet machine... obviously its touch screen, its not just another xperia... with 7 inch Reality Display it also come with 62 GB of internal storage. Awwsome!!! it has 8.1 camera at d n 1.3 up front.

i wish i had one!!

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