Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000 id out! well that is more or less what the people from the shop used to tell me when if surveying for DSLR. hahaha... never the less D 7000 is an advance DSLR(given the price of almost RM 3800++. not quite affortable for fellow student but wats d harm of sharing a lil bit of information...

dat ull run out of memmory)
1) MULTI card SLot!( dun b afraid )
2) Cleanest camera with high ISo up to 25, 600! how cool is dat!
3) 39 focus foint!
4) full HD movie-recording function "D-Movie", compatible with external stereo microphone featuring high image quality and operability!
5)Auto focus! If the subject's still, the D7000 locks focus. If the subject's moving, the D7000 tracks it.
6)its 16.9 MEGA PIX! what else will u want!

this superbly handy but expensive so i cant buy it camera is soo cool.. just a heads up if you wantes to be a professional, ah not 2 mention if is compatible wih ANY of the lens (NIkkOR) in the market! great huh??? me lovin it!



wah, best best! :)

aixe said...

agak-agak dalam rm1000 dapat x?