Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nikon D3100

my cousin had been begging me(wont call it begging more 2 asking over and over and over hahahaha..) for me to survey a type of DSLR which is easy 2 use, suitable for a beginner, create miracle picture, have astonishing features and most importantly AFFORDABLE for students like us.. hehehehehe.....

so i go on surveying and camera diving for a while.. then i found this! the perfect gear for my cousin!! NIKON D3100!! hahaha.. thank god for making my search easy!!!

why is this gear purrrfect 4 my cousin??

whats more important 2 a beginner than GUIDE!
n NIKON got this awwwsome guide mode 4 easy understanding of the function. n good news is its been refined!!! it has been refined to make most camera operations even easier, from shooting to image playback and editing to the application of camera settings, regardless of the user's skill level.

next it has assist images. this will show the effect of various camera settings, giving users an idea of the results they can expect with specified settings. For example, when "Soften backgrounds" is selected and an aperture value is specified, the assist image displayed in the monitor changes to show the effect that aperture setting will have on images. This allows users to confirm that images will appear as they intended prior to shooting and reduces the number of unsuccessful shots!
great ey??

it can record VIDEOS!!D3100 wahas this briliant Full HD video capabilities. This is captured at 24 frames per second and in widely accessible MPEG4 format, which here gets its own camcorder-style record button. nice huh!! ^^

one mo awwsome feature is Scene auto selector built in! what is it? sy that u dont know what mode to use but the momment is nice n u want 2 capture it, use the scene auto selector!. When live view mode is enabled in Auto or Auto (flash off) mode, the camera automatically analyses the scene and selects the appropriate shooting mode from Portrait, Landscape, Close up or Night portrait. This function allows users achieve the intended images while leaving all settings up to the camera.

the body of this this DSLR is super nice.. to mention that it is the most light weighted DSLR so far, n those rubber grip makes holding the real thing is more comfortable! ok.. so far i had surveyed and the kit comes around RM 1950.00 + 18-55mm and 55-300mm Nikkor Twin Lens Kit!(this is cheap-considering the exclusive features!).... (ok now im jeleous over my cousin!!! mine was more xpensive... but her features is oso nice!!T_T)

oke... this is special post just 4 u my luvly cousin!!!
p/s : Luv U cuz!!!!

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