Monday, February 28, 2011

FZ100 outdoor photo review

its been a while since i had my fz100 n took it out for a test photography. sooo, heres some shoots that i find pleasant! well, at least iam!! in adequate lighting fz100 works wonders!

scene- beach mode

the colors r bit enhance, this is out of my burst collection, going for 5 frame persecond, the shots r defined n the noise are quite low(editing in photoshop wise)this were taken on 1m zoom, with default setting, iso 800 and only 0.34 sec shutter lag!

zooming wise

this one is trying out the zoom for my baby... there are bigger scene n focoused object. using IA technology but shaky hands n bad for zooming.. even i had to held my breath while snapping!!

haisy!! wrong photo upload... but nvm... still its sumthing dat goes like this....

movie mode!

only one word, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!!!
seriously.. full HD of 1080!! try 2 beat that!! the videos r super nice n the pixel r super define!!! its like.. i wanted 2 d d one im recording tru my fz 100 lens than the real thing taht is suppose 2 be my subject!!!! 10/10 star rating!!!
i tried 2 upload it sev time but it failed... huhuhu.... mybe next time!!!

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haha. comel je gmbr!