Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 wish list

okey.. i got tons in my head.. but there are several that keeps poping outta my head.. hahha.. so heres my wishlist...(February is not that late rite??)

1. silver name pendant necklace

2. new compact camera

3. silver stary anklets

4. new aspire2920 screen

5. to go to singapore

6. a new boho skirt

7. new portable hardisk

8. android phone- blackberry bold pls!

9. majolica majorca dolly doll mascara

10. new clothes.. maybe dress or sumthing...

hmmm... its great wasnt it.... huhuhu.. i wanted all of these!!!- but im outta budget!


chacha said...

few things yg sama dengan saye.

new compact camera plus blackberry jugak.

tapi kena ada org sponsor lah...
budget tiada. =p

syazwaney said...

huu.. tula pasal... nak carik org sponsor jom!