Saturday, January 1, 2011


bye 2010
bye misery
bye hurt
bye despair
bye clumsy
bye old life
bye dissapointment
bye devastation

hello 2011
helo life
helo love
helo smile
helo warm
helo success

life is short
so i wanna live it sweet
no forciny
no telling
no stabbing
certainly no disliking...

honesty in demand
love is a must
remember your love ones
forget your despair

forget the guilt
embrace the truth
everything in your future
is starting from the thing u do
now or never, its never an option
its more like a summon
that must be done

create your life
fake your heart..
let it be certain
that d journey needs sacrifice
maybe im not one of them
but im certainly one of it..

im faking my heart
im blinding my eye
im closing my ear
i tie my tongue
i bite my lips shut

what ever hepen hepens
what will hepen we decide
let it be good or bad
i will still fight
fight till d end..

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