Monday, January 10, 2011


ok i just heard..
dun mind me being among the last to know the news..
but if what ever theyre saying is true.. then FACEBOOK!
my lovely FACEBOOK is truly gonna shut down.
according 2 a reliable source, FB is gonna close down about march or so..
15 march 2011 to be exact...
what will my life be with out facebook u say?

ok.. i know there many other social network outhere but so far EVERYONE seems to use facebook.
it will be pain in the A** to add my freinds n the list of people i know back in a new social network.. not to mention my PICTURES!!! n STATUS!!!!-es!

do u think its possible 4 u 2 add those persons u add in fb back in the new network??
itll take time!! n time is precious!!

OK lets see wat does FB does for me n y l <3 it so much:

1)connect me back to my friends(since im far n theyre far n skype n YM line is not that good, n calling requires CREDIT! which WE STUDENTS r lack of!)

2)reconnect me 2 my old long lost friends (this takes quite along process, the friend who is actually a friend of my current friend-im not forgetting my old friend, its just how i differentiate them is sumone I KNOW!!!)

3) tells me class schedule (i never check my own time table or class schedule!! TQ FB, TQ FRIENDS!!)w/o fb how am i gonna know wat class i hv

4)it provide me a space of discussion w/o having 2 attend meeting(saves time, energy-since im at 5th floor,most importantly im meeting A LOT of PEOPLE at once!)

5)it provide me a wall!!(i dun v 2 xplain on this)

6)got tagged pictures on various whoring occasion.

7) got tagged noted containing exam hints!

8) got tagged videos my friend recorded!

9) got cute application!!n games(cmon, dun say u neva paly farmville, or mafiawars or, cityville n use horoscope,and mood weather???)

10)cuz i cant take my eyes off it!1( i even fb during lecture.-i noe its bad but its a way keeping me awake!)

so ppl!! c how important FB is!!!
dun believe me?
check out this link...

Mark Zuckerberg!! pls dun mess wit my life!!!


Izzatul Huda said...

hahahaha. hey, it just facebook.
before this, I'm ok without it. n now, still ok after i left it.
deactivated! ;)

what else can I say....?

syazwaney said...

kakak!! wuwuwuw.... im addicted 2 it!! mungkin kene tubuhkan fb rehab.. hahahaha...

Miki Aya said...

hey, i read somewhere that this rumour is just a hoax. however, i'm not really sure if this is not another hoax.
Hope you'll feel better.

*phobiebiby* said...

syaz! i just saw ur blog! nice blog there~ follow my blog to ya :)


Serious? Bfre this i've hear this news. Then Mark have announce it thru FB that he will never shut it down
Down worry Kak Wani, it just a mistakes maybe (: