Wednesday, November 10, 2010

to be or not to be

i thought im d luckiest girl in the world wen i noe about it.
i noe.. pasan gla kan??
tp pecayalah im d hepiest gal on earth pd masa itu..

we hang out, we stare, we laugh, we share
we attend to each other desire
seeing u fulfill mine,
n seing me fulfill yours..

days get older
we grew mesra-er..
n d day neva had enough hour in our clock.

the holes in my heart r filled
as u fill my days with colors.
im hepi seyesly!!

den i get more demanding by d day
sory its in my nature
everything is not enough
but i want it..
like so bad..
but u got matters to attend to
stuff to do
beside being with me
i noe i ask a lot
yes im a fisherman now...
i sell fish!

im holding it all down now
im retrieving myself back
getting into my priority list
i want to get a grip of my life dat i lost sumwhere...

dang, can u at least gimme the strength 2 do it
i require attention, love n commitment
all those things dat u say u gv
deep inside ur heart where i couldnt c it..

dun wory
ill be owkey
i think
but not now
now im mending myself
even moo cant chill me

my forsaken heart that i took back...

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