Monday, November 29, 2010


perlukah menjauh dgn alasan
"xmo kaco korng. kn dah bahagia besama"
when all this while u guys had been
"wani jon this, jom that.. did u noe bout..... "
now all i heard is
"yalah, org 2 dah ad aixe kan...."

rarely heard
rarely talk
rarely hang out

wats my life current status?

i used 2 luv my life
i still am..
but i used 2 be dis carefree-do what i want-hang out with everyone- type og girl

they said, thye feel hepi 4 me..
they say im lucky 2 hv him
they say im happier now that im with him

they say dey dun want 2 hang out cuz kacau daun
they say i owez went out with him only wen they x ajak me out?
they say they r not needed wen i hv him wen i owez hv him b4

this is d situation
before and after
which makes me pretty sad
n obviously im touched by d ignorance around...

used 2:
lepak 2gether
huhaa huhaa new story
tellin2 wats happening in life
talk bout dis gojes guy sumone just met
go karoke-ing till throat goes sore
eating 2gether...
cathing up with each other
laughing @ each other..

no more

so bc 2 d conclusion....
he is d only one dat i hv left...
wont u understand why i spend most of my time dating?

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dotdotdot said...

hey dear..i'm stil here wut ;)