Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another bad day... - FYP presentation

owkey.. my bad.. im a last minute person... i know... but this is like bad..
i got my FYP presentation yesterday..(one of the reason y i stayed in hostel late..)figures!! it was a disaster!!!

Protien profiling of hydrophobic protien from amebocyte lysate of T.Gigas... dats my proposal... basically its to isolate hydrophobic protien( membranbound) an 2 characterize those bu mr n charge.... its sounds easy 2 understand rite.. iduno y those lecturer asked me bout those un related stuff!!

u c... if my friends got shot.. i cot bombed!!! thats how bad my presentation is... T_T.. lifes un fair!!

holidey is comin 4 me.. raya wanted 2 say hi! but im still depressed.. aigoo!! cheer up lah me!!! ts just a proposal. ok maybe u screw a very important presentation.. what can u do now is just work harder.. theres nothing u can do to change the result of everything taht happened. like moms said.. redha... >_< still my liver is in pain!!!

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sakura said...

hye waney..saba ye..nati coming presentation ad lg, do ur best..cheer up.. =)