Tuesday, April 6, 2010

im letting you go..

good bye brother
good bye for good
i free you today
assume you understood

dear brother,
i luv u for life
but this had happened
and what we did is not wise

i see it coming
but i didnt care
cuz i luv u brother
for love all i have to share

we laugh brother
you love to tease
shed tears together
but now it had ceased

were stuck in different border
for pur principal divide
we avoid each other
blaming on things we dont know which one is right

silence is your savior
telling is my cure
we can never be together
for there might be war

ill cherish d memories
d time we spend
time we took 2 disscuss
n time we make amend

forgive me brother for pulling you in
into a situation i dont think youll understand
now im pulling you out never be within
for the sake of our relation
a gift for you from a good friend

im letting you go now brother
for every time im with you i will cry
you are cruel to me brother
but i still love you and that i cant deny

family forgive and forget
so that i will try
true, im disappointed dear
put tons of affection to you brother
but it all ends as i cry
thus now the tears has to end

im crying dear brother
im hurting inside
you were there but you just dont care
tell me brother
why should i left you a spare
when you are not there
not even stare

you shine so bright brother
it sting me in the eye
now my sight are blurry
n i cant see clearly
my hope for you brother
may u be happy and smile brightly
for u brother, that ill pray

look to ones heart brother
for there youll find a lot
things you cant see dear
things that must be told

bye bye brother,
im serious this time
it feels so foul
like im doing crime
but i have no choice brother
for the greater good of everyone
for this is my chance to say good bye

this heart is broken
it need to be fixed
require special attention
require special need

god bye brother i release you free,
for this family i must stay
may you find your happiness
for it did not lie with me

if you forget me i will not be mad
dont worry brother
i always have your back
so please dun be sad
dont even hesitate

this is reckless brother
but this is the road i choose
i cant hold on to you dear
for holding bring me despair..

the time has come for this to end
gud bye to you my brother
now with no line intact
were no longer family
from now on were just friends..

thank you for everything brother
though you are no longer family
youre still my friend

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