Tuesday, March 23, 2010

im complicated

i tell lies
i noe
i do it most of d time

mayb thats me
reality should be damn

here d truth im complicated

when i said left me alone
i want ppl 2 give me sum space but check on me plz i may do sumtin stup*d
when i say nothingla
i want 2 say but i hesitate... taking everything 2 consideration
when i say let it be
i reeeeeellllly mean it... dun paster me..
wen i dun look u in d eye
sumthing is sooo wrong
whem im x smiling
make me smile again its so not me 2 be sour
when i said im gonna be ok
i may not, depending on d situation
usually ill be
wen i say i cry
means dat my pillows r wet my eyes r puffy n my lids hurts..
when i said its ok
it reely dont!
wen i say im hurt
i reeeely am!
wen i said i miss u
i reely do
wen i said i hate u
i want u to console me
wen i said no biggie
it is big!!
wen my face is not showing its glow
sumtin must hapen 2 me
wen im out laughing n cming back crying
mens dat i tried so hard 2 satisfy everyone
i cant take the lies anymo
wen i say 4get it
i want 2 4get it but it keep poping up
wat shud i do?

im complicated
im twisted
im wrecked

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