Friday, January 1, 2010

weLcomE 2010

pejam celik, kt sudah menginjak ke tahun baru...
rasa cepat sgt masa berlalu..
aku sudah berusia 21 tahun(perasan pdhal br 20)
di tahun baru rami org tnya.. pasal my resolution for this particular year sbb last yer pnya x kesampaian..
hm.. i said, even i cant answer that. its not because i dont have one, its because i had many n yes one of it is to get onto the dean list dat im dying to get in!!
hm.. in celebrating the new year, im q8 jealous of my family in which they held their annual new year eve celebration while im..
hey, im a wonderer, so be patient... (sigh.. fate..)
my time will come soon..
AH~ no sad story in the new year!! hey, 1st, want to say hepi new year to every one n god bless.. Amin~
p/s: hope u guys achieve last year resolution..n opkos, dis yer as well
luv2- waney

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