Friday, October 30, 2009


I never knew that twilight series can impact me this bad
i keep on wanting to reread the books, not to mention this but its mt exams week for god sake
im putting too much on the line here
yet, i cant stop
why cant i stop?
surely even i don't know the answer
this is not good
i really wanted 2 score my exams
i wanted 2 b in the dean list so bad
so bad that ill kill 4 it
but still
why cant i get over twilight n get str8 2 work
this cant change the fact that im craving for more of this series
owkey, twilight, new moon, eclipse, n breaking dawn
this is irritating
i want 2 4get and read it again at the same time
why am i behaving like this again?
this is even worse than harry potter fever i used 2 had before
it is even harder
im kinnda attached to the novels ive re read it a thousand time oredi
not to mention this week
point is i cant stop reading n the impact from it is brutal...
i even dreamt about it at night
good lord, this conflict is even worse than having war with ur boyfriend.
arghh.. gotta shake this off...
Need 2 focus on xms..
But da problem is , how??
Im lost… =(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Com Sc PosTer PresenTation..

This weeek is hectic like weeks befre.. da only diff is there is an exhibition of posters..
ourgroup do 'extraction of essential oil from black peper and thyme by superheated steam' its a paper presentation actually, were only doing it out of scientific paper that oredi established.. hehe...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hari Raya uPdaTes

sekian lama menyepi.. besala bz ngan tugasan lepas raya(byk pula 2..) huhu. so, last hari raya, our theme is Blue... hehe.. raya b4 ni blue-grey.. so my sis n i cr kain yg sm n wat baju sama.. huhu.. last time pkai bj kain sama is when my cousin kawin 3 taun lepas.. n we beraya x sedar diri.. frenz pn ada dtg rumah, kal, cap, lijan, mazlan, hafiz, fitri.. dll.. sgt byk smmpai sakit otak mo ingat.. haha... sampai umt pula, we did raya celebration on our own jgk.. kat rumah Pn. Rozita lor... heheh.. skali ngan besday party... pas 2 skali wit all my kosmet, mpegimenyerang rumah Aini Nawi cuz die wat open house... Time kaseh kpd LUQMAN yg jd driver amik aku bwk ng open house 2..^^ hehe... nila da picz..