Thursday, June 25, 2009

whoEee.. ive been xtremly Bz This last SchooL Olidays.. Bros, sis, cousins….hehe... me n my cousin at the Sipitang kenduri... last week Mentioning lots of MarriGe Feast Invitation... When I Say lots it means LOTS... Talk about 8 marriage a week in my kampong only... haha... holiday attraction ey... eventhough we were invited 2 go to almost all of the wedding, we cant afford 2 go 2 all... duh busy week it is.. Going 2 a wedding in kampong means you have 2 contribute some labor n money 2 it... not just come, eat , congratz on ur wedding and blast of... its all about taking part in the cooking activity and sum spring cleening.. I’m talking about peeling onions (get ready for teary eyes...), ginger n garlic, not to mention, cleaning the chicken, chopping the meat... and cleaning the BLOOD after chopping is done.. Washing and drying TONS of dishes and paying the gas for coming... C... I told ya its not an easy work... anyway.. 1 of my friend gets married last week... SHAHFARIZAH ZULKIFLI... i wish ur marrige will bring lots of happiness to you...God Bless... ^^ went wit fellow friend... its a good place of reunion (and a cost saving one too...) ah, YEs... i even went for computer literature in the ict center in the kampong.. Hehe... nowadays... even kampong ppl thinks that its better to get ur stuff online and sell em on line... we were thought the basic interrnet n blogging... actually I’m there on a reason.. I wanted 2 studies excel but I entered the wrong course... but what is the harm on relearning sumting u oredi knew..... ah yes it was tadau kaamatan last time rite... I catch this ppl making a performance in center point.. there is also the under 15 football team coming.. did I mention they were in kk for AFC? not Asian food channel, its Asian Football club. talk about ppl fm Thailand, aussie n many mo coming 4 da tournament.. ah.. whats a holidey without a gettaway..
we were out headin 2 DZ RESORT n waterfall.. spending a nite, n alot of time splashing in the waterfall making my bro eyes all red and sore.. but they just couldn’t resist the water.. my mom n dad are oso taking their time.. wee..... its been a blast.....

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