Monday, May 4, 2009

FamLy VacaTion..

taking the chances of holidey n all of us around, my mom decided on an outing...(yay!!) its been a while since we r out 2gether(considering im at tnganu n my sis at mrsm).. this is a good chance.. i arrived at sabah on 28 n on 1 may, were off oredi...
1 st we went 2 beaufort... ah nothing much change.. want 2 visit my cuzin act but shes not in town shes off 2 KL 4 her practical, she didnt even tell me!!! .. then we went 2 sipitang, visiting my granmama on my dad side ova there.. hehe.. next stop, Tenom.. went 2 lagut sberang, taking couple of pic along da way.. this place is famous 4 its flower, n floral n all.. my mom is da happiest!! hehe.. next stop keningau.. long time since ive been here..

jalan 2 a bit, then were off 2 hIll View resort.. ehe.. its late.. need a place 2 stay ma... the view is nice.. Luv it.. da

next day, we went 2 Crocker range.. its good It reallY is.. Its a HIghLand with distinct view of tenom and keningau n it got waterfall. ok yeah.. basicly the waterfall is the reason of our stay... we play2 a bit.. den went ome..... haha.. vely epi..


EcHiMarO said...

so jeles!!
being with family back home is really....
an utterable moment..
miz my family so much..huhu!!
neway~gd2..appreciate evry moment when u r with ur family..

EcHiMarO said...


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Walton said...

bez oo.. dpaat jalan2.. sy baru balik kk ni.. harap2 ada masa mau jalan2.. huhu