Wednesday, May 20, 2009

been a while since i write ey.. nothing much goin on really.. its juz dat im at home n nothing much eppen.. i woke up, breakfast, chores, lunch, more chores, dinner, tv, sleep, goin jalan2, wa else?.. im just too good 2 b true.. hehe.. but heres among da things dat i do past weeks, i went 2 my bros TEACHERS DAY celebration. got a couple of performance and ya, lucky draw for the teachers.. heres another thing, last time i went 2 da library infront of my house thinking to borrow sum books, but this MODIFIED BICYCLE grab my attention, sweet huh? got motorcycle parts attached 2 it making it looks like motorbicycle.. haha.. luvit... i oso made sum macaroni n cheese at my house but b4 i could catch a picture of hot macaroni n cheese its down to dust.. boy, my bro is a monster!! just have the picture of it baking at the oven.. then me n my bro oso made sum cookies.. haha its not raya biscuit, just for makan2.. but ya heres da pic.. but dis one havent beeen dipped into choclate pool yet.. da 1 dipped oredi in my bros tummy. did i told ya dat my bro id a monster n i got 3 bros sittin in this house.. gtg then, im off wanna do sum choc cake n sum bread pudding for a kenduri day after tommorow(hope tll last trough da day n my monster bros holds their gums...).. haha.. anyway.. ill upload da pic later(if there is any..) i just heart being a gal!!