Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last 23.04.. str8 after the oRibLe micRobe ppR, SIFE memBErs hv SUM meetin.. They say it is 2 uppdate all of us bout the projects thst been goin.. little dat we noe it waa a suprise party 4 Anas.. Aku PLa yg tekejut..
dat nite da fud was awwsome.. i Noe its just fruits n chips n cake but it its still awwsome..we got gren apple, red apple, mango, strawberi, grapes n oranges.. haha.. luxurious..

da CAke is juz 2 gud 2 b true.. Choc Indugence fm SecRet Recipe.. 1 of my fav!!(Duh~ its choc!!) haha.. after craving 4 it 4 a while but couldnt get it cuz im On a Very tite Budget, aT last....

LAst But Not LeaSt.. Heres Tha Pic of VouGe PPL of SIFE UMT.. LOLZ..

afterAlL, whats A party W/o a LiL CamWhoring.. ^^
P/s.. 4 get 2 mention, dat nite we gave UstaZah Faizah a WeddinG present.. She'LL b Married this JunE.. No Backing Out NOw UStZ... hehe.. Thanx 4 ur GuidancE..

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