Monday, April 27, 2009

im At LccT..

actually there is hours b4 my next flight n im bored. Hours!!! haha.. 4 sum reason, i just wanna B home as fast as possible.. time kinnda pass slowly.. huhu.. home.. haiya.. noting 2 do la here..
anyway just wanna in4m u guys LccT changed a bit since i last Came here last yer.... i dunnoe.. it addded few shops n restaurant..(mary brown is avail!!) haha..but i still like macD of cuz..

hereby i wanna put on a special thanx 2 DIN, HELMY N HAMKA 4 sending me 2 the airport 2 day.. luv u guys.. they r staying back cuz they hv 2 prepare 4 integrity debate that will b held soon.. Gud Lak u Guys!!!! i Noe u Can Do it.. oF coz this shout goes 2 NASRUL, SHAFIQ, AH HO, JUN, WAWA N SHARUL.. YAH, NOT 2 4GET KAK INTAN N KAK ERNY as well!! aja!!

yah as 4 IJAH, plz get sum Sleep n Stop Watching MUVI!! 2 A'AN, hehe, sabar ull get back 2 Melaka Soon 2 meEt da dearest one.. hehe..(ble smpi nnti ckp ade sorg bdk sife 2 kem slm taw..) peace.. Ah, i oso want 2 send Adnan N hafiZ my Regard n Hope da Aborigines project may succes..
Luqman, hehe, njoy ur stay at home...
Luv- Waney..

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