Monday, March 16, 2009


05 MARCH 2009

- depart from UMT at 9.00 pm.
- Going by bus along with those who are going to watch "pidato antarabangsa"(more on this please click here)

06 MARCH 2009

- Settle down at Masjid Bandaraya to change and have breakfast.

- Visit National Archive. Have discussion on NOVICE while enjoying the archive library.

- Arrive at Delta Hostel(our settlement 4 the next 2 days)
- Everyone on the bus wishes us luck(need it.. a LOT). Thanks guys.. ^^

- Enjoy dinner at PiZZa Hut..

- Follow up on discussion while watching "pidato antarabangsa" on tv.
- Amazed by how these people(foreigners) spoke in malay as it was their mother tounge.
- Stay up till 2AM.. time 2 sleep.. Gonna need lot of energy tomorrow.

07 March 2009

- Registering 4 the tournament.
- NUMBER OF TEAMS: 70 teams from 30 universities,216 speakers
- TIME: 8.00am - 10.30pm (4 rounds)

- surprised to see many foreigners are debating

- 1st motion is THW remove any identification of race in Malaysia. were the opposition, vs UITM KELANTAN 2 and The motion had been denied. we had our first win. ^^

- 2nd motion is THW allow abortion in the case of physical deformities. again, were opposition and this time vs UITM KELANTAN 1. Once again, the motion had been denied.

-3rd motion was tiring.. it was 6.00pm already and were exhausted. the motion is THBT lifestyle choices should be taken into consideration when receiving organs. were the government vs IIUM 3 and the motion was accepted. thats our last luck for the day..

-4th motion is THBT reality TV just isnt real anymore. This time were the government against NOTTINGHAM UNIVERSITY. like i said, luck had left us.. we lost as the motion was denied.. maybe its us or maybe its the condition were in.. when the 4th round finishes, it was 10.30 pm already... that late and were still debating.. tired, hungry, exhausted, you tell me..

- still we can smile though..
-we even had to take our dinner on the bus as it was late already.. second we arrive at the hostel, everyone had lost the spirit to discuss about tomorrow as were too tired to speak..

8 MARCH 2009

- Again, the debate start at 8.00 am.

- For the 5th motion, it was THW impose a carbon Tax on individuals. were up against UTM 1 and were the government. As the luck has flew over to their side the motion was rejected and we lost..
- so the final result is 3 win and 2 loses.
- UMT ranked 21 out of 70

- the speaker rankings are:

* Syazwani ranked 23
* Radhiah ranked 49
* Lee Ling ranked 89

- this is out of 216 speaker and i say UMT had done a good job for starters.

- For the complete ranking click here.

- special thanks to our researcher@ observer

* Syazwan
* FAdhil
* Aufar
* Yin Yee

- we didnt get to quarter,semi or final but yes we enjoyed the experience.:)


UT MARA 1 (Uitm Shah Alam) vs MONASH 1 (Monash University)

- the winning team is MONASH UNIVERSITY

- we did not stay to watch the final though so its kinda waste. we were on a van heading hoe to UMT when the final are starting.. what a waste, but still its good enough...
- hope the next match or tournament, UMT will be better.

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