Wednesday, March 4, 2009

National Novice Debating Tournament 2009- UITM Shah Alam

dear readers,
i am pleased 2 inform you that UMT will B sending 1 team along side with 4 observer to 2009 Novice.. for those who doesnt know, novice literally means beginners which mean this is the national competition for beginers to learn how to debate. in the same time this prestigious event consist of beginers vs beginers, intermediate vs intermediate, and expert vs expert.. or so i was told..
Those who will be representing UMT would b
Lee Ling
Yin Yee

the one who will be debating would be me, Rad, Lee Ling.
were like busy searching 4 case facts right now.. but wish us luck..
ah thanx 2 our trainers Abg wan n Aizat 4 da hard work n all.(i syg korg lbh)(^_^)

p/s: Abg wan, Thnx 4 da Kit Kats N RootBeer.. n Oso ur Books..

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fa-aja-aja said...

waaah..wani mmg pndi debate!
gud luck my dear!