Tuesday, March 31, 2009

im StaLLing.. 4 xm

4 sum reasons, my result dropped i think this sem n it dropped bad!!

really bad.. so i dont want 'banana 2 fruit 2 times' so i say i gonna study hard.. but.. how am i suppose 2 do it when im feelin uneasy all the way. ah~ mayB im just 2 busy..

i dont noe.. it was as if my job in this uni is just 2 attend meeting.. soo lame.. i know but thats reality..

we cant owez get what we want, we dun have the capasity 2 do all that we want.. were mere human..

wait, did i just soothes myself out? my god, whats happenin 2 me.. i must be in sumkind of mental~ cant think str8.

well, wat eva it is.. im soo goin 2 strive this xm.. ihope..

p/s; 4 those who tagged me, ill ans it latter ya.. c ya.. hpi xm!!


luqman said...

new post pls

Anonymous said...

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