Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Dear Demi English Members, i am pleased to inform you that we will be having a MEETING TOMORROW. this is URGENT.

date: 11 MARCH 2009
Venue : New Cafe, UMT
Time: 8.45 PM

Plz be there as this is urgent. For details plz contact wani-0148684282.


syazwaney said...

hw come only few ppl comin.. my crdt finished oredi msging u guys.. aiya.. i hate it when u use malaysian timing 2 go 2 meting.. when 1 said 8.45.. plg lambat pun 9 la.. not 9.30.. dun noe whats da prob wit msian 2day...

Life's a beach! said...

Yeah, I know what ya mean.. I had a cultural shock coming back from living overseas with the "janji melayu".. it's hard to push discipline into the members when you have lack of support.. don't worrie, as long you can achieve the agenda for the night, then that's all that matters.. one step at a time.. (",)