Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last PNC

ist of all i would like 2 congratulate da winning teams Bio 4 Bm(Helmy, Din, Nasrul n Hema) n BIo-D( Radhiah, geok chin, Phoon, Ying Yee) 4 bi(i lost).. haha.. we hv proven da domination on Biological department.. hope da dean will be pleased n invest a bit la.. hehe.. not 2 4get post harvest team which both of da team make it 2 da final!! (congratez u guys..) those who make it trough semi pun.. tahniah... not every one hv da courage 2 talk yet 2 deliver like u guys does.. 4 those who want 2 polish up their or even wanting 2 learn, DEMI is pleased 2 in4m u that we owez welcome new comers 2 da family.. its just dat, be serious in da family in terms ofcommitment.... if theres a meeting do come.. ok.. this is how you can benifit fm da club( it helps a lot in tems of communicating n presentation n confidence.. believe me :)
ah... 4 my team members (Luqman, jo Ween, Manesh).. though we lost in semi, neva mind.. weve done our best n im so proud of u guys.. (syg u guys lebih..) haha..bio Team B(mahfuzah, shikin n Patrick) u guys did ur best.. n its a good experience dun u agree..?) post harvest, good effort!!, KKK, dun b disapointed.. theres owes next yer... u know u can do better..
ah.. b4 i 4got.. puan Rozita oredi approve 4 NOVICE in UITM Shah Alam 5-7 MArch... who ever interested.. audition will b held.. Where n when will b n4m later.. jus so u noe, this is a good plat4m 4 nu deb8r as well as the old one 2 c what is NOVICE is all about.. im thrilled 2 tell u, we may send more than 1 team 4 Novice this year... Hope we can persuade puan lah.. ah... as 4 those yg nak enter.. plz work hard on improving ur self(im not excluded) huhu.. lokin 4ward 2 it.... ah, nex time ill edit this post.. i want 2 post pic2re but sadly i hv none.. tunggu i amik fm my friends yer.... till i hv time next time...


Life's a beach! said...

Excellent work on your efforts to make the VC Debate a good event Waney.. Although there are lows that are rather stinging, I'm just as proud that the interest in debating has been widespread to other students in UMT. I do regret that I had to put work first, when I really missed out the greatest opportunity to see all of this happening in UMT. I truly applaud that you consider DEMI as a family rather than a team (unlike some other guy who's also balding). Work hard dear, and I'll definitely let you know when I am available to come to KT. Then we can have a proper discussion on how DEMI can carry out a proper workshop for English debate.

syazwaney said...

thnx jimmy.. juz 2 let u noe.. we only gonna send 1 team 2 novice but wit 3 observer though..