Saturday, January 10, 2009

SunggUH peNat..

dis WeeK stRess sket.. Got a lOt 2 do.. huhu.. Talk About 4 LAb cLasses Wit 3 hours Each.. Lab report.. TuTorial All of Dis Is gettin In2 my Head!! i Need Sum Space! then i Got DEMI(which i like) during ThuRsday Nite and my saturday iS 4 Swimming TrainiNG.. arGh.. not eNough Time 2 study.. bUt if peoPle can MAnage why not me.. hey.. I Neva thOught Xtra co-Curicular Is a BUrden In a 1st place... itS just dat i Feel Unjustifice when mY body is takin Da toll.. woW.. seems so desperate right.. i knOw ill Get this trOugH.. Just waNNa let it AlL out.. hehe.. Felin better la.. Noe Wat? juZ noW i got my SwimminG ;lesson but i failed a Test!! swimmIng under Water.. NO Matter how hard i Tried i Still GO up To the top... HOw Ah.. huhu!!!!

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