Tuesday, January 13, 2009

gomennasai sumimasen!!

ni katteru, kyouwa atashine cotto waruikanna.henna mazui ...huhu.. its not dat im unhappy about things, its just that i cant accept the fact that i went a little 2 far in my class this ntime... its about study(benkyou) so i really take serious care about stuff. its just that 2day i was hving conversation wit sum1 but.. ii went 2 loud that my classmate gets irritated.. SoRRRy!! it was So un intensional!! really.. Duh.. i Dont even remember my reason 4 being LOUD. mayB it just got in2 me 2 speak(after a while) so i went bit 2 far. argh.. now im soo depressed that i felt that i done sumting wrong 2 da classmate i luv but i dunno hw 2 appologize.. it was so not me 2 be depressed but i cant help it(shikatanai yo).... i know i shouldnt do it but.. i still done it n it was so unprofessional of me 2 do so.. even so, i still think that i was suppose 2 appologize but i du not noe how???? minna gomennasai.. honto ni!!! yuseruno taijobu?

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