Monday, January 26, 2009


tersebutlah kisah pada suatu hari yang boring(25.01.09), aku telah diajak oleh kak intan utk pegi bermain boling(padahal x aku tak tere). Dgn gembiranya(sebab at last ade benda nak buat) aku pn pglah bersama2 James n NAsrul. Byk cabaran kitorg tempuhi nak men boling 2.. mule2 stadium tmpat ktorg nak men 2 penuh gle(list nama bejela).. maka ktorg pn pglah tmpat len.. huhu... tp on da way pg tmpat boling yg g satu 2, Jam la pulek... (esoknye kan raya cina .. of coz lah sesak..) lbh kurang sejam ktorg kebas dlm kea.. at last smpai gak kt astaka 2.. pg c2 makan waffle dlu... sedap!!!(^_^) baru g men boling.
Tak tahu lah kenapa NasruL bagi nama baru kat aku.. CEMPAKA plak 2.. dgr skali mcm chicken pox jer.. haha... anyway.. ktorg pown men dgn gembira(ye ke?) biarpun byk lahar(masuk longkang.. terutamanya akula...(i_i) men 2 set jer.. takut patah tgn.. itu pun.. sebok cari bola yg smmgnya x cukup...(nak bola rengan..) pas2 curik dari rak sebelah.. hehe.. masa tunggu pun x bes sal ramai... ah, jjj siap pg amik bola org len.. fre2 kena maki.. 2 la amik x tgk2.. hehe.. tp x da la serius sgt pown.. last2.. k.Intan menang!! Pas2.. ktorg nak pegi farmasi tuk beli susuk br jjj tp farmasi tutup la pulak(duh~ esoknya kn raya cina..) maka kesianla diva sorng 2 x dpt beli... mengubati hati yg luka, ktorg makn sutun celup tepong kt pantai dkt airport.. hmm.. mcmna nak ckp ek.. kurang sdp la... pas 2 pg makan mee dlu br blik.. kononya mlam 2 nak pg men bola tp tgn da lenguh kan.. maka malam 2 ak pg mengendeng kat bilik k.intan tgk muvi.. hehe...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blood on our hands

(i found it fm a good blog)

Shulamit Aloni amazed by public’s ability to get caught up in wave of patriotic zeal over Gaza op
Shulamit Aloni
Hamas men and their leaders belong to the evil camp, and their hatred for us made them cast away the rational inhibitions required of a leadership that is concerned for the wellbeing of its citizens. Indeed, Hamas’ conduct ever since the Gaza withdrawal and subsequent election victory does not merit any praise. However, Strip residents who are captives of Hamas’ leadership – women, the elderly, children, students, lecturers, hospitals, doctors, and patients – do not have to be punished with destruction, death, and bereavement because of the despicable acts of their leaders.

It is doubtful whether the method of punishment adopted by the State of Israel for some years now, in the form of targeting populated areas, dropping one-ton bombs on civilian neighborhoods, and using cluster bombs, has any effect or wisdom.

The defense minister declared that the time for war has arrived, in order to put an end to the criminal harassment in the form of murderous rockets fired from Gaza at our communities. Well, the IDF embarked on war with much force, knowledge, and advanced planning in order to sow fear and horror on Gaza civilians and leaders. And it worked for him! There, the defense minister already gained five Knesset seats in pre-election polls. The defense minister is happy, and the people - proud of their glorious army - are already resorting to exaggerated passion and are vowing to elect the hero and his party.

Yet why did he abandon Gilad Shalit? Why didn’t he secure his release before embarking on the operation? Hamas demanded the release of prisoners, and we argued that many of them have blood on their hands, yet when it comes to killing and assassinations we are much more capable than them. Within the first 24 hours of the operation we killed more than 300 people, including two innocent girls, not to mention the victims we killed between this operation and previous ones.

Why did our well organized army, with its excellent intelligence capabilities, object to the release of Palestinian prisoners, when we could send them back home and later assassinate them in the heat of the battle? After all, we are already used to assassinations from the air, sea, at hideouts, or in populated neighborhoods. Assassinate – that is, to kill and murder.

Moreover, the people who drop our bombs do not get stained with blood. Our system is simple: There is no need for evidence or for a trial. Once we decide that a certain someone is wanted, one bang and he’s gone. Recently, the army was also granted permission to kill civilians who happen to be near a wanted person; this was published in the press about two weeks ago next to a photo of a smiling army chief.

There is no doubt that had the defense minister first secured the release of our captive soldier, he would have gained more than five Knesset seats. He may have even been crowned as the king of Israel.

The public’s ability to get caught up in a wave of patriotic zeal because of the IDF operation is amazing. I remember how, upon embarking on the Second Lebanon War in 2006, many of my sane and enlightened friends cried out with joy: “Finally, a just war.” I believe we all remember how it ended.

So why didn’t we, throughout the lull period, engage in direct or indirect dialogue in order to extend the truce or secure a better agreement?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

taG dr Jijah...

1. Copy badge “2008 Cute’s 3logger Award” di atas untuk diletakkan di blog anda.

2. Link/ceritakan kembali siapa yang memberikan award ini kepada anda.

3. Setiap blogger mesti menyatakan 10 fakta/hobi diri sendiri sebelum memilih penerima award seterusnye (anda di-tag).

4. Anda perlu memilih 5 penerima award seterusnye dan menyatakan nama mereka di blog anda.

5. Jangan lupe melawat blog kawan anda dan meninggalkan komen yang menyatakan mereka telah ditag.


1st time aku di Tag di Blog ni.. time kasehla ye cik jijah..

10 hobi atau fakta pasal aku :-

1. Org sabah, bangsa Brunei, bukan dtg dr BrunEi
2. DeBatE seriously staT d UMT
3. Letih jalan Kaki Jalan Biawak
4. Suka makan!!
5. Suka Wayang!!
6. Suka Jalan n ShoppiNg [padahal window sbb teda duit..:(]
7. Boleh mati tanpa handpHone n Laptop..(<-- rasanyala..)
8. Ble On9 keKadangx sdar dah Pagi.. (dari kul 8.30 malam td...)
9. Skrg Tgh Bengang laB repoRt n aSSignment x siap LAgi..
10. cuti Taun Baru Cina ni aku DDk hostel jer...

2 jer kot yang patut korang tau....

nak tag sape ek?

1. RiEz
2. Huda
3. Fauzi
5. sisiE

sile2 lah yer...


ni mata riz.. cian ari tu mata dia ada lump putih neh... mcm ada nanah dlam 2.. merah bijik mata dia.. mla2 dia biar jak tp sakit.. dia ckpla.. skali masa lab x sengaja ne tepecah.. dashat.. cian riz.. misti pdihkn riz.. trus time balik pusat kesehatan tutup pla.... huhu.. nsb bek skrg ok sda kn?

time lab miKroB.. haha.. sempat... group aku plak kump 3 sdala blakang skali kan..dekat dengan almari bahan kat blakang 2.. huhu.. Tp kn..sedih lab markah sket jer.. x puas ati sesgt la wei... huhu.. tak berbaloi 4 da effort dat iput.. nyway enough sad story.. Nex report ak wat tbal2.. huyh!!! go SyazwanEy!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pilihan Raya KT..

mmg bz gile.. everywhere u can c people try nak raih undi n mengundi.. even the banner n poster pun everywhere.. hehe mayB thats CampaiGn kn.. anyway.. i didn't went 2 kt 2 c or vote in da election (x cukup umur..).. its juz dat our bus got traped in severe trafic jam on da way back 2 umt.... at dat moment, everyone is very da tired.. lost stamina oredi la.. plus lapar kan cuz x makan lg... haha.. heres some faces

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

gomennasai sumimasen!!

ni katteru, kyouwa atashine cotto waruikanna.henna mazui ...huhu.. its not dat im unhappy about things, its just that i cant accept the fact that i went a little 2 far in my class this ntime... its about study(benkyou) so i really take serious care about stuff. its just that 2day i was hving conversation wit sum1 but.. ii went 2 loud that my classmate gets irritated.. SoRRRy!! it was So un intensional!! really.. Duh.. i Dont even remember my reason 4 being LOUD. mayB it just got in2 me 2 speak(after a while) so i went bit 2 far. argh.. now im soo depressed that i felt that i done sumting wrong 2 da classmate i luv but i dunno hw 2 appologize.. it was so not me 2 be depressed but i cant help it(shikatanai yo).... i know i shouldnt do it but.. i still done it n it was so unprofessional of me 2 do so.. even so, i still think that i was suppose 2 appologize but i du not noe how???? minna gomennasai.. honto ni!!! yuseruno taijobu?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

SunggUH peNat..

dis WeeK stRess sket.. Got a lOt 2 do.. huhu.. Talk About 4 LAb cLasses Wit 3 hours Each.. Lab report.. TuTorial All of Dis Is gettin In2 my Head!! i Need Sum Space! then i Got DEMI(which i like) during ThuRsday Nite and my saturday iS 4 Swimming TrainiNG.. arGh.. not eNough Time 2 study.. bUt if peoPle can MAnage why not me.. hey.. I Neva thOught Xtra co-Curicular Is a BUrden In a 1st place... itS just dat i Feel Unjustifice when mY body is takin Da toll.. woW.. seems so desperate right.. i knOw ill Get this trOugH.. Just waNNa let it AlL out.. hehe.. Felin better la.. Noe Wat? juZ noW i got my SwimminG ;lesson but i failed a Test!! swimmIng under Water.. NO Matter how hard i Tried i Still GO up To the top... HOw Ah.. huhu!!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

kelas mikroB (LAb) n Kelas KImia(lab)

tadi 1st lab 4 dis sem.. Lab mikRo.. masa masuk bau LAb mcm Bau Hospital.. sungguh x Bes.. pas 2 Kos kami yg Seramai 70 org itu Tepaksa Berasak2 menemPatkn Diri di dlm Lab yg HAnya Ada 6 meJa.. wo... Anggaran 1 Kump ada Lbh krg 12 atau lbh org... mmG RAmai n Sesak!! tp selesa bab sejuk... xla mcm mbu... haha.. bUt talk about 12 people want 2 handle bacteria in a crowded place.. yer.. lot of risk of contimination n infection o..... Still.. our kimia class pun sempit.. imagine, 4 last sem we sepeate in2 2 group. 1 pagi, 1 ptg... jd x la sempit.. but dis sem.. 70 people juz menyumbat dalam 2.. bapak ramai!!!! kalo lab besau x pa la..... huhuh.. inilah nasib diriku.. ceh pndai.. pasrahla tp 2 la ndak brapa bes rasa kan......

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Demi'S PArTy- Pn. RoziTa's Treat..

Demi's party last fRiday.. best gler.. tq 2 k. Dj, Huda Neechan, K. iNtan n K. Erni n of cos Jijah krn tlh besusah payah memasak n prepare 4 da party smpai lewt tgh mlm... n den kpd Diva JAmes yg mengetuai pAsukkan memanggang ayam (terdiri dr riez, helmy, nasrul, hamka, faiz, din n fauzi), taniah di ucapkan kerna ayam x rentung (wlupun yg stat api faiz, james pnye api x jadi) kpd org2 yg bt/ j masak tomyam(k.Dj plg besemangat) taniah jgk diucapkan sbb tomyam 2 sdp n ble dimakan.. hehe.. special thnx 2 k.Ngah(adek k. Intan) sbb byk tlg kt dapor.. kpd ija, jijah ,k. Dj, k. huda, k. intan, wani(mestila nama nak masuk skali) dan plg ptg k. Erni yg berhempas pulas mengirai roti jala.. taniah jgk la yer.. hehe.. kpd k. faz, ayer sunquick sedap kn?.. hehe tq gak pada .k. fad yg jd baby sitter besama k. huda(jaga ulwan ngan yusuf) kpd rIz, din n Helmy yg sggup mmbuang kedivaan dan pegi buang sampah, taniah diucapkn.. haha.. kpd k. aini tq blikan ais.. kpd ali gak yg byk mmbntu..pLg bes, kak huda pnya Kek coklat.. Sdp Sgt!!..kepada ratu(syafiq) n aizat taniah la sbb smpat dtg makan jer.. takde tolong2 plak 2...nggee...of cuz tq pada nadia gak...
Aktiviti bermula dgn bejalan kaki pg rumah puan n stat wat keje masak2.. hehe.. biarpon mcm serabut jer ktorg kt rumah puan 2, puan sabar jer... tq puan.. ah, smpat plak tgk abg zain msk tv.. huhu.. die ddk dpn2 masa sehati berdansa(diva!) biarpon siarn ulangan jer.. slpas sebok memasak smpaila masa yg ditunggu2.. masqa makan tp d4 2 ade ucapan dr k. erni n Pn., n doa yg diketuai oleh nasrol n deen.. pas 2 kt org makan!!


NAsi Goreng
Ayam BBQ
Bihun Tomyam
Kentang Mayonis
Roti Jala
Kari Daging
Koktail Kastard
Kek Coklat MOist

mmg Sesapa x dtg 2 rugi ar.. pas 2 ktorg g Meremis( kutip remis).. huhu.. remis x byk pon men ombak jer lebih.. tp bes gle ar.. smpai termandi-mandi n terjatuh- jatuh kt pantai 2.. haha.. rasa lawak pulak.. Wlupon hujan, ktorg wat x taw jer.. bes kn aktiviti cmni.. brula mcm mesra g2.. hehe.. keep it up n members of demi, iluv u ol!!!