Sunday, December 28, 2008


here are the list of topicks and whom we debated on the last royals.. it was tough that ill tell. we were new.. lack of practice and unexperience at the momment.. still we tried 2 make our best...
heres the result..

umt vs ums s1- ums won magin-260.50- 256.50
thw make pre marital hiv screening compulsary 4

umt vs usm j2- usm won magin- 251.50- 250.75
thw maintain ISA 0.75

umt vs usim j2- umt won ^^ magin- 256-255
th would limit the ammount of money a sport club can spend in a season 1

umt vs uthm j2- uthm won magin- 255.49-253
thbt the gov should fund gender reassignment surgeries 2.49

umt vs umt s1- umt s1 won :p magin-252.75-250.75
japan should appologise for its past attocities for the sake of east asian reconcilation (what??) 2

umt vs usim j2- umt won^^ magin- 252.00-248.80
gov should suspend the 30% bumiputra quota on housing development 3.2

it was rough.. won only 2 game.. both with usim.. duh..need 2 train more i guess..
the picture with senioRs last match
Hehe rep UMT debate team..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

1st Post..

JUzt made up da post 2day.. 9.05 am.. huhu kindda chilly.. been raining l8ly... anyway.. yoroshku...